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Fancy an unforgettable wedding in our lavender field at Chodouňby the Prague? Fancy a fairy tale?

Let us be your guider…

Tailor made wedding in our lavender field will be adjusted as you wish. We will prepare fairy tale day in the natural enriched by amazing lavender fragrance. We having wide range of decorations and costumes for your bridesmaids, professional make up artist, hairdresse and wedding manager  for sure.

Delicious catering prepared from high quality food from the Czech farmers. We are focused on home made quality cuisine inspired by whole world and all the tastes. Wedding cakes, small refreshments as well as rich main courses will be prepared with respect to your taste and possible intolerance. We love meat as well as veggie or vegan specialities.  And our promise – once you will taste our home made lavender cakes, nothing else will exist anymore…

Fancy a lavender wedding but prefare interior event? Let us invite you into the Creative World in Prague 7 – Holesovice. We are delighted to prepare fairy tale wedding also in our b-day bistro house. You will get lots of fun and wide range of possibilities to entertain your guests. Great catering, garden for your bbc, workshop place, costumes, dancing place, karaoke and much more for unfogettable day.

Would you like to have an unforgetable wedding? Would you like to be like a princess and all your dreams  about wedding come true? Have a original wedding on our lavender field in Chodouň where we are carring about our certificated BIO lavender.

Did you pass the season? Don’t be sad – we will prepare your fairy tale lavender wedding in Creative World Bistro on 1000 m2  where all the fairy tales come life…

Are you interested in to have a wedding in our lavender field?

Please feel free to contct us to get a tailor made offer for your amazing wedding day:

Alex Williamson – / 736 166 384